Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • 1. How to use L2TP, PPTP, OVPN, and SSH?

    Check out our Terms of Service (TOS) before using our servers. If you use our services for something that is prohibited in our (TOS), then your account will be deleted for violating our TOS.

  • 2. How can I get Premium accounts?

    ce7ven VPN provides premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) accounts for free anytime, just make sure to follow our TOS for server stability.

  • 3. How to create L2TP, PPTP, SSH, and OPENVPN accounts?

    You can find it at the navigation bar, all guides and tutorials on how to use our service can be found at the Guides and Tutorials section, just follow the steps until finish.

  • 4. How can I get the OpenVPN Configuration files?

    You can find the OpenVPN configuration at the Account creation page, just check the menu and check the config file.

  • 5. What if I can't connect after creating my account?

    You can simply check your Account status or Server status in the navigation bar, either one of them may be the cause why you can't connect to your account.

  • 6. How about the account validity after creating?

    Its depends on what server or types of service you created your account, This may be change without prior notice, always check for the account duration.